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Paris, 7 March 2018 – The SIACI SAINT HONORE group, a leading provider in consulting services and insurance brokerage for assets and persons for large and mid-cap companies, announces the start of exclusive talks regarding its upcoming acquisition of a controlling interest in the No. 2 trade credit broker in France, JEAN BUSNOT- ICBA France group.

JEAN BUSNOT – ICBA France group’s business and the SIACI SAINT HONORE Credit/Financing teams will be combined to maximise the new entity’s commercial clout on the market. SIACI SAINT HONORE will take a controlling interest in the group, at which time it will welcome their key partners at its shareholders round table.

The merger will consolidate the new entity’s leading position in this niche segment of the brokerage market, giving it the tools and resources to provide companies with a broader and even more productive range of services, with credit insurance high on the list of their clients’ financial priorities – especially for those looking to expand internationally.

Founded in 1976, JEAN BUSNOT SA – ICBA France group is an independent broker specialised in credit insurance and short/medium-term financing solutions. The firm offers its innovative solutions in France and 41 other countries around the world, through its affiliation with the ICBA international network, in its capacity as the founder of ICBA.


According to Pierre DONNERSBERG, Chairman of SIACI SAINT HONORE,

« This is a very significant merger for our Group. The expertise owned by JEAN BUSNOT group in the credit insurance and financing industry, its skills in guiding and supporting companies as they develop their business abroad, and the quality of its teams will make us even stronger in this strategic segment and enable us to offer even more value-added services to our clients. »


Jean BUSNOT, Chairman of JEAN BUSNOT SA – ICBA France group, adds:

« We are proud of our company’s success and thrilled with this opportunity to kick into higher gear by teaming up with SIACI SAINT HONORE. Our shared values (expertise, financial independence, partners closely involved with each client, strong development, enthusiasm) were key factors in moving this project forward. We will make the most of our complementary areas of expertise and business lines to become a sought-after specialist in a field that cuts straight to the heart of financial priorities of globally expanding companies. »