Your clients receivables

"More and more French companies think to use factoring, for short term financing. This technique, that enables the company to get advance payment of an invoice by selling it to a third party financer, has grown in double digit growth each year. With nearly 291 billion euros of receivables processed in 2018, factoring is the main source of short-term financing for companies, above overdraft use in France". (source ASF - Les Echos)
Originally, factoring was used as a solution to face lack of cash. Today, this tool is for any type of business, regardless of their financial situation , as indicated by both energetic growth of the market and the suscriptions from SBF 120 listed companies.

Thus, if you are looking to:
  • Anticipate or finance an external acquisition,
  • Finance new markets or your own organic growth,
  • Improve your company's financial KPI, by promoting cash-for-discount payments from your suppliers,
  • Improve your financial ratios and maintain the relationship with your current and future investors,
We can support you in the implementation of the following solutions by adapting them to your needs: classic factoring, confidential, deconsolidating, reverse-factoring.

Your inventories

Obtain an additional financing facility by using your raw materials, trading products or finished products inventories as collateral.