A leading expert for trade credit insurance and assets financing solutions

Secure your customers payments

Trade credit insurance covers the risk of non-payment of your account receivables. It is invaluable for companies of all sizes with B2B sales locally, as exports or overseas.

Finance your company's assets

Those financing tools are valuable for all companies, no matter their financial strength.


Diversify your bonding facilities

Several types of guarantee exist and must be provided by your company to be able to carry out business and/or preserve its cash position.

Be informed about your customers

After assessing your needs, we can carry out a benchmark study with commercial information providers.
About us
Jean Busnot group, founded in 1976, is now ranked the #2 broker in France specialized in trade credit and assets financing.
Your challenges
  • Finance your company's assets
  • Secure your customers payments
  • Diversify your bonding facilities
  • Be informed about your customers