Jean Busnot / SIACI group brings its teams together around strong values, enshrined in its activities and its core vision.


Our values are based on a passion for our work. The experience and expertise of our teams are core assets which we continually improve through ongoing training. Our commitment is to bring you our talent to reach excellence.


Our actions are aligned with a professionalism built on integrity and on rigour both moral and ethical. Our success comes from the trust we create with our clients and our partners. Our projects are carried out independently and impartially with the interests of our clients as the highest priority.


The quality and excellence of our services are our priority. We ask of ourselves the highest levels of conscientiousness, and the culture of precision is written into our standards.


Our objectives are centered around continuous research and development of solutions to help and support our clients, with the aim to place them at the core of our efforts.


Our priority is to build a solid relationship in order to offer our clients a personalised service. The stability and availability of our teams are our strengths.